Knows Our Issues

Taxes“I believe new taxes should be approved by at least a two-thirds majority vote.  I am proud of leading the Majority Coalition in passing budgets without raising new taxes from 2013 to 2018. By using fiscal discipline, we have maintained healthy reserves and a constitutionally protected rainy day fund. Now, with a new majority in the Senate, tax increases are not off the table and our resources have been depleted.”

Transportation“I support public works projects and improving our rural transportation system. We need better roads and a transportation system that functions. I am deeply troubled by our State Department of Transportation, and will not support an increase of our gas taxes without a vote of the people and until there are meaningful reforms at DOT.”

Education – “I am concerned not just with the quality of our education, but with access to higher education. It’s not good enough to have the best schools in the world if no one can attend them, or if there isn’t room for new students. I’ve worked to lower tuition in previous years–the best form of financial aid is affordable tuition for everyone.”

Crime“Our crime rate is still unacceptably high. I am most concerned about crimes against women, children and seniors. I believe that we need to set firmer standards for release from prison and enact stiffer penalties for violent youth offenders and drunk drivers. We’ve passed tougher drunk driving laws, but they are still some of the weakest in the nation.”

Legislative Accomplishments

  • For three years, Senator Sheldon was voted by his colleagues to serve as President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Vice Chairman of the Rules Committee and Vice Chairman of the Energy, Environment and Telecommunications Committee. He is a long-time member of the Senate Transportation Committee and Legislative Transportation Committee. For the last two years, Senator Sheldon has served as one of only four senators on the Senate Transportation budget writing committee.

  • Under Senator Sheldon’s leadership, the Legislature completed its work on time for the first time since 2009!

  • Working both sides of the aisle, Senator Sheldon helped pass bipartisan budgets in 2013 (passed 44-4) and 2014 (passed 48-1).

  • Succeeded in passing budgets without raising new taxes.

  • By imposing fiscal discipline, the state maintained healthy reserves and a constitutionally mandated rainy day fund.

  • Senator Sheldon led the effort to prioritize education by dedicating over $6 billion in new funding to our K – 12 schools.

  • For the first time since 1986, college tuition rates were frozen!

  • Senator Sheldon successfully fought to stop any increases in the gas tax for the last two years. The Department of Transportation needs to enact meaningful reforms before the people should consider a vote for an increase in the gas tax.

  • Passed legislation that specifically expands protections for property owners who want to conserve forest land (SB 6031) and a bill that encourages economic development and job growth in rural counties (SB6330).
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